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Very Knowledgeable

Kathie H. say: My pleasure to have had this opportunity... A very healing exchange... I would definitely recommend Gerry's service. He is extremely knowledgeable and has made it his practice to thoroughly research every aspect of technique and approach to therapeutic massage... Thank you, Gerry

He is Wonderful!

Kristina R. says: He is wonderful!! I feel so much better and have only been to him twice so far. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a message.  



Kathy B. says: magical, is the only word i can come up with.. I did something to my shoulder a year or so ago couldn't raise my hand over my head without severe pain, All the doctors I went to wanted me to do all this medication and physical therapy. I had been seeing Gerry so off i went and within 2 months i was able to use my arm get it over my head and now even doing yoga with that shoulder. just amazing he has the magical fingers of a wizard. Just amazing he knows just how much pressure to use and make you feel like your walking on clouds when your session is over. thank you Gerry for finding your little slice of heaven. Kathy B.



Mike C. says: It is amazing how quickly Gerry can figure the right spots to hit. After a 9 day camping event which included swordplay, many hours of cooking for others and being on my feet 18 hours of each day, i scheduled an appointment with Gerry and all the sore muscles and misalignment i did to my self was wiped away. I only wish i had the time and resources to make a appointment more regularly.


Over the Top!

Freda L. says: Over the top treatment -- The body alignment is amazing how it works and there is total comfort and relaxation with the massage and surroundings. Thank you Gerry for sharing your knowledge, skills and most of all for your genuine caring and going out of your way to make things just right. As a result, I am motivated to do things to keep healthy. Can hardly wait for next visit--looking forward to the Reiki and facial treatment!


Long Overdue TLC

Betty M. says: Gerry had just the right pressure for me as I have worked as a Massage Therapist for 25 yrs and am picky about the people giving me massage. True, I had not enjoyed a massage for over a yr, maybe more, so this was my treat to my health via Gerry. Thank you, Gerry, for the work you do. I do intend to return.



Cynthia P. says: I have been with Gerry for a long time now and I had to take a break to to illness, but after nine months I was able to return and oh my God it was just wonderful and this will help me to continue my healing process with Gerry's healing hands thank you Gerry and I can't wait until my next massage.


He Really Cares

Trish R. says: Gerry is way more then just a massage therapist. He really cares for you and will take the time to listen. His hands are worth gold and he always knows exactly where the pain is coming from. I feel better after every session and I would like for everyone to give him a try, so you can see what I am talking about. Thank you Gerry, from the bottom of my heart.

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